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Philosopher and author from Oxford, England.
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The Devil Doesn’t Exist

The Bible is full of references to the devil (also called Satan, Beelzebul, the enemy, the evil one, etc). It would be fair to say that the existence of this being is central to the Christian faith. We learn from the gospels that Jesus, when carrying out His ministry and His miracles, was often casting … Continue reading

What is the meaning of life?

I have been an atheist, a new age spiritualist and a Christian, and I’ve been drawn to different teachings and philosophies from around the world at different times in my life. I spent a good deal of my adult life searching painfully and desperately for truth. My life has taken on a different meaning since I became … Continue reading

A Prayer of Thanks

Today, Almighty Father, I give you thanks. When I was an unbeliever, you were shaping and moulding my character; working out a plan for my life with great care and intricacy. You sent teachers to help me through struggles and to develop my curious mind. Lord, I was lost in a wilderness for so many … Continue reading

A response to Richard Dawkins on the absurdity of the crucifixion

There’s a lot that I don’t agree with Richard Dawkins about. But he once said this in an interview: “It’s a horrible idea that God, this paragon of wisdom and knowledge and power, couldn’t think of a better way to forgive us our sins than to come down to Earth in his alter ego as … Continue reading

A response to Pope Francis on children

Speaking in St Peter’s Square recently, the pope made some comments that were rather controversial. He said, “A society with a greedy generation, that doesn’t want to surround itself with children, that considers them above all worrisome, a weight, a risk, is a depressed society. The choice to not have children is selfish. Life rejuvenates and … Continue reading

Suffering, Death, and the Afterlife

When I was a Christian I had great faith that there would be a place in heaven waiting for me when I died.  This faith gave me the confidence to live more freely and fearlessly.  There are many things I miss about being a Christian, and this confidence in a blissful afterlife is one of … Continue reading

A response to ‘Stephen Fry on God’

You may have seen a recent video clip that went viral in which Stephen Fry makes some very stark criticisms of God.  I have embedded the clip below this article in case you haven’t seen it.  In the clip Fry is answering the question of what he would say to God if he came face … Continue reading

‘Revolution’ by Russell Brand (book review)

This is the first book by comedian and author Russell Brand that I have read.  This book appealed to me more than his previous three titles because I’ve become more aware of what Russell believes over the last few months.  Through his YouTube channel “The Trews” and a BBC 3 documentary entitled “End the Drugs … Continue reading

Pray for a Miracle

There is too much suffering in the world.  There is the suffering that makes the headlines; conflict in Iraq and Syria or the Ebola virus for instance.  Then there is the suffering that we don’t read about in the newspapers; the homeless woman in central London or the young man with cancer.  Every day there … Continue reading

Dimensions of Reality

What follows is an extract from the book ‘Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion‘ by Steven Colborne. Dimensions of Reality It is possible to view reality as though there are two separate dimensions. The first we will call the God dimension, and the second the human dimension (other creatures experience life in their own dimensions). The … Continue reading



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