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Calvinism and Predestination

Calvinism and Predestination

One of the most important concerns for any Christian is the doctrine of salvation (called “soteriology” by academics). The subject raises important questions: What is salvation? How do I get saved? Can I ever lose my salvation? In this brief article I want to look at salvation from the point of view of Calvinism and the associated … Continue reading


Welcome to my blog! I’m Steven, a Christian, a writer, and a philosopher. I also have a mental health condition called schizoaffective disorder. On this blog you'll find an array of articles related to philosophy, religion, spirituality, and mental health. My journey with God has been challenging at times, and my books and blog posts demonstrate a real struggle with certain aspects of the Christian faith. But I have given my life to Jesus, and I hope to be a faithful disciple of His for the rest of my days. I’d love for you to join me on my journey, so dive in, and don’t be shy; comments / emails welcome! Read my testimony here.

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