Layers of Reality

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It is possible to view reality as though there are two separate layers.  The first layer we will call the God layer, and the second layer the human layer.  The God layer represents absolute awareness, which we can presume that God has all the time.  Everything in the universe, in the microcosm and the macrocosm, is present to God, and He perpetually coordinates the interaction of all the universe’s various parts.  The power and awareness necessary for this coordinating activity is immense, but it is right to assume that our Creator has that power.

We might imagine that within the God layer of reality, everything is clear and vibrant.  In the human layer, we get a snapshot of the total reality.  Although we are an expression of the God layer, our consciousness has limitations, such as those imposed by the body and it’s senses.  The organism that is the body is a reality-limiting organism – it is as though we are only able to perceive things on a certain wavelength that is just a small part of the total spectrum of reality.

It is quite right to assume that things go on in the world all the time without us being aware of them.  When I am writing these words there must be countless processes going on in both my body, and in the world at large, that I am not aware of.  It is God’s infinite consciousness that is aware of the complete picture; we are only given a glimpse into what is going on at any one time.

It is possible that in the event of death, awareness expands from the human layer to the God layer.  One could imagine this experience would be accompanied by a sense of relief, a kind of ‘coming home’ feeling, where once again the bigger picture is visible and everything makes sense.  Life in the human body never makes perfect sense.  There is never a feeling that everything is perfectly OK, because we always have the problems of suffering and death to contend with.  I would postulate that when our awareness expands from the human layer to the God layer in the event of death, the boundaries of human existence are seen to be illusory, and the beginning and ending of human life is seen in it’s right perspective, which is that really there is no birth and no death, only a continuation of a consciousness that has always existed and always will exist.


  1. Interesting as usual.

    You said that God has absolute awareness on the God layer and he can see and understand absolutely everything. Also that perhaps when we die our consciousness expands into this God layer. At that time would we also have absolute awareness, would we see everything and know everything all at once, or is it more like the boundaries are down but we can see and understand whatever we want. Can we understand God? Presumably God can still understand us when we are dead and our consciousness has expanded. Is there some kind of a feedback loop there, or something?

    I’m not sure if that question made sense, but I hope you see what I am getting at. Have you thought about that at all?

    1. Hi Hausdorff. I think it’s possible that we return to the place of absolute awareness, yes (and we may well see and experience everything all at once). We may then understand God. Our consciousness may expand in ways that we can’t at present comprehend. I am totally speculating here – I have no idea what happens when we die – but I have experienced expanded awareness (when taking Ecstasy and in deep meditation) so I have had small glimpses of the potential that may be realised when we die.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. It sounds kinda like “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions” in which we are given a sample of life in a two-dimensional world. It’s very limiting compared to our three-dimensional world. The God Layer sounds like a four or five-dimensional world where all of space and time can be perceived at once.

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