Do I have schizoaffective disorder?

Do I have schizoaffective disorder? From a certain perspective, yes, I definitely do. Highs, lows, fearsome and desperate thoughts? Yes, I have experienced all that. Thoughts of suicide? Yes, I have had them.

You do realise that our mental health is a fragile issue, right? Well, I don’t understand the system. You get discharged, but discharge doesn’t mean anything because later down the line you may be sectioned again. At least, by the grace of the divine (almighty God) I am not in prison.

My prayer request to you all is that my wish be fulfilled – that I apologise for my wrongdoing and keep smoking and stay out of trouble with the police and other authorities. I am a psycho – a good man with good intentions – not a criminal.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you understand the system. There is no system, from a certain perspective. In reality, anything can represent anything else, and we can’t really ever be sure if what we believe is the actual truth or a fleeting truism.

My deepest desire is to build a church – the universal church of almighty God – where people of all faiths can worship God together. I would also like to continue making music, but that is a secondary concern.

If I don’t suffer any more, in any significant way, I will be so so grateful to our merciful divine ruler. Never say never, though. Never say never.


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