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My latest YouTube vlog

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Greetings! If you saw my last post you’ll be aware that I have been working on fulfilling my new year’s resolution and have created a new YouTube channel. It’s called ‘The Growing Christian’ and you can think of it as a partner channel to this blog.

If you haven’t yet subscribed or viewed my videos, I would really appreciate your support and encouragement – it’s always hard work and a little scary starting a new venture like this and every bit of support really does mean a lot.

So far I have created a short channel intro and today I published my first proper video, which is embedded below. Those of you who regularly read this blog will recognise some of the views expressed in the video from my writing on Perfect Chaos, but I hope in this new format my ideas will be easy to understand and enjoyable to watch.

God bless you, keep in touch, and enjoy the video!

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  1. Hi Steven,

    Your presentation was good. I liked that I could see your room.

    You sort of know my views on Free Will. From my perspective, God created us good and any mistakes Adam and Eve may have made (if you believe that story) has no effect on our innate goodness. I believe we always knew the difference between good and evil and there was no fall from grace but the evolution of biped hominids into Homo Sapiens and the struggle to survive.

    In my view, it’s the struggle that caused us to deviate from our innately good nature. Some humans realised that they could gain an advantage over others by acting against their good nature to dominate others in their group and enjoy an easier life. Was God playing them in this scenario or was it self-awareness at play?

    I don’t know if we have Free Will but there is some evidence to suggest that there is a mix: those who lead may have it while those who are led may not. I’m reminded here of the malleability of the mind; the Milgram Experiment and the Bobo Doll Experiment. The links below refer:

    It seems clear that bad behaviour can be taught and learned even against our good nature. If you want further evidence, you could try watching Compliance, a film based on real events. A link below refers:

    Peace and love to all,



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