NEW VLOG: Why do we Suffer?

Dear Friends,

Today was a beautiful Spring day in London so I went to my local park to shoot the latest in a series of vlogs I’m making looking at free will and the problem of evil.

I hope you can spare 15mins to watch this vlog and your comments would be welcome and appreciated. God bless you and enjoy the video:

One comment

  1. Christ allows our suffering to draw us closer to him, teach us to be obedient like he was, develope us into a mature believer or grow our faith, amongst many other reasons, Some we will not know while on this earth. I don’t believe all suffering is ordained by him. Though he is “in control” we temporarily gave our authority to the enemy in the garden. We handed over this world to Satan. Sickness, child abuse etc, is because we live in this dying world. Drinking alcohol or smoking 2 packs a day are choices. Consequences come from those. And we can choose to even go to hell. Though God has the power to send us he didn’t make hell for us. He prepared it for Satan. He suffered (and though we too will embrace his suffering as believers) so that we can overcome and be victorious in spite of all suffering, whether God ordained, satanic attack or self induced.

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