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Some Truths About God

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There is only one God, who is omnipresent, and therefore all that exists. The entirety of creation is God’s self-expression, and there is nothing that exists that is not a part of God. Every created thing is sustained by God, and under His direct control. All creatures are like puppets in the metaphorical hands of God.

God has existed eternally; He never had a beginning and will never have an end. His essence is beyond definition, but He is not a material object like a human being, He is pure being or spirit. God is living in this single eternal moment – existence and God are not ontologically different from one another.

God is self-sufficient, independent, and autonomous.

God is capable of producing in human beings a mode of mind that is like a veil – it prevents us being aware of Him. He is also able to reveal Himself to the human mind, by speaking directly to it in a mode similar to but distinct from contemplative thought. It is God who makes thoughts arise in our minds, both contemplative thoughts, and those thoughts that are His speech to us. We can experience thoughts that are ours, and others that are God’s. They are similar, but distinct, and all are from God.

As well as speaking to us directly, God also reveals Himself in visions, dreams, and Scriptures. For those to whom God has granted insight, the wonder and harmony of creation is further evidence of His existence and His nature.

God is the creator of every object, the author of every book, the composer of every song. We can observe that He is able to create billions of distinct objects and creatures, and so we say He is infinite in His creative powers.

God has created every belief and every religion. Every idea is an expression from God. All that humans call good, and all that they call evil, are from God. It is impossible for anything to happen that is not the will of God, so we do not have free will.