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Exciting Book News

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I absolutely love writing about theology and spirituality, and regular visitors to this blog will know that I have written a couple of books describing my spiritual journey and theological perspective.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working hard to make my writing easier for people to access. I’ve made a number of papers I’ve written available as free downloads from the Essays page on my blog, and the response has been really encouraging. I’d now like to introduce a way you can find out more about my books and purchase them in a quick, cheap, and easy way.

First up, my debut book release ‘The Philosophy of a Mad Man’, which was published by SilverWood Books back in 2012. It’s available worldwide in a range of different formats, but the most popular are the paperback and the Kindle versions. You can now find out all about the book and buy a copy here:


Second, my most recent book release, entitled ‘Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion’. I’ve created a short book trailer for this release, and you can watch that as well as find out all about the book at the following URL:


I’ve tried to streamline the purchase process on these websites, so there are two simple payment options. You can buy through PayPal (paperback version) or Gumroad (Kindle version), and there is free worldwide delivery. I won’t be making a profit from these sales as I wanted to keep the prices low with the aim of reaching more people.

Thank you so much for supporting my work. I’d love to get your feedback on all of this, so please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.


  1. I just finished reading your book The Philosophy of A Madman. I must say brilliant. I laughed a little, but mostly cried. God gave you a very brilliant mind and heart. So many things that most people including me never think about.
    Thank you Steven for sharing your life and may God continue to bless you in your spiritual walk.
    God’s Blessings upon you❀
    Cathey Lynn

    1. Hi Cathey! Thank you so much, I’m delighted that you enjoyed the book. I’m just preparing postage of a paperback copy of Ultimate Truth as I see you have kindly ordered that too πŸ˜ƒ God bless you, thank you, and have a wonderful day! β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»

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