Promote Your Blog

Inspired by several other bloggers who are doing something similar, I’ve decided to create a page on my blog offering all my readers the opportunity to promote their blogs, free of charge.

If you’d like to participate, please visit the Promote Your Blog page where you can read about the opportunity being offered and participate if you’d like to.

I hope this addition to the site will help you to reach new readers, and I’m excited to see who chooses to participate (there’s no catch so feel free to get involved!).

God bless and have a wonderful weekend.

Steven x

P.S. The new page is at


  1. You’re great Steven, thank you for the opportunity. I’d love to promote my blog on your page (once I get back from work!) God bless!

  2. Hi Steven

    It’s very kind and Christian of you to extend this offer to all your followers.

    My problem is I’m not computer-literate enough to design an attractive home page, to format the posts and to adjust the settings appropriately. That’s why I post comments on other WordPress account holders, including yours.

    It’s never my intention to offend but sometimes my undiluted frankness and lengthy presentations have that effect. I have tried more recently to shorten my comments and I appreciate the patience and kindness you have shown to me.

    I have posted comments on 500Q’s website where contributors have been brutal with each other and I’ve received abuse on it myself. I remained unoffended because I understand people feel passionate about their beliefs. I’m never passionate about mine because I’ve realised that beliefs are merely our conscious understanding of what we feel in our hearts to be true and there are always other ways of to understand our heartfelt truths; otherwise, why do we share our views?

    Peace and love to you and all your followers,


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