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Listen to my New Single

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Today sees the release of Alien Love, the fourth single to be recorded as part of my ten song project. This song takes an imaginative look at some of the issues surrounding our investigations into outer space, from a theological perspective.

Here are the lyrics:

I want to speak about the Universe and all there is
And how our One Creator God formed a cosmos out of nothing
Itโ€™s a wondrous thing to talk about whatโ€™s His
And how His spirit is eternal and the force sustaining everything

There are some who say it started with a big bang
And there are others who say the world was made in six days
Either way it is a miracle that life exists
And the complexity / diversity demands an explanation

Are we really all alone, or is there life out there?
Do alien beings have morality, rules that they share?
And should we go in peace to the depths of space
Or bring our weapons of war, you know, just in case?

The Bible doesnโ€™t speak about alien life
But there are seven-headed monsters in the book of Revelation
So perhaps an open mind is what our search requires
And maybe science and religion are both valid and wise.

Below is a video for the song. I had a lot of fun recording this and I hope you enjoy listening to it!


  1. To follow what allthethingsliz says, yes it’s would be easy to sound loopy. But on the contrary, you put your questions and its answers very well and positively. Although I’am learning music of the Baroque period and especially Albinoni who captures my mind, I find this song has a very good balance of rhythm, and voice. I like your words which are descriptive and non aggressive! it was a pleasure to listen. God bless you in your ten songs. I put a reference on Facebook because I think you need encouraging.

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    1. Thank you so much for listening, and for your kind and encouraging words! I studied Baroque music a long time ago. I used to love it. But yes, my music is a little different!

      Thank you for putting a reference on Facebook, that’s really kind of you! I’m about to start work on song number 5 tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

      Peace and blessings,



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