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Blog Promotion the Old-Fashioned Way

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Like most bloggers I am motivated by a desire to make an impact. I don’t just mean to reach an ever-increasing audience, but to inspire people in a particular niche with my writing and with my music. I also love meeting like-minded people; those who are interested in spirituality and all the big questions of theology.

There are many ways for creative people to reach an audience these days, and WordPress is a wonderful platform for building a community and engaging with people. Bloggers can also promote their posts on Facebook and Twitter, pay for some Google ads, write eBooks, operate a mailing list, and use various other promotional tools that have only emerged in recent years.

I love to use all of these tools, but I recently had an unexpected urge to take on a new promotional challenge. I love doing exercise (walking in particular), listening to music or debates on YouTube, getting fresh air, and of course, promoting my blog and books. Imagine if there were a way to combine all of these activities!

Cue my promotional business cards…

On the left is the front, and the right, the back.

I initially ordered a print run of 500 of these, and this week I spent some time walking around my neighbourhood posting them through people’s letter boxes. I have now run out, so I placed an order with VistaPrint for 1000 more. Only a few million more to go and I’ll have the whole of London covered!

I think in today’s climate a multi-pronged approach to promotion is always best, as people access content in so many different ways. But why not incorporate some traditional methods into your promotional mix? As well as posting these through letter boxes they are also handy for giving out in social situations, or book fairs, or other events.

I know that with my passion for theology if I received something like this in the post I would definitely investigate. I realise it’s not rocket science, but if it brings a few new visitors to my blog it will have been worthwhile. And if it doesn’t, I’ve benefitted from the exercise and YouTube debates, so I’m happy regardless!

What are your thoughts on using business cards as a promotional tool? Feel free to share your views in the comments below.


  1. I’m working with a local printer for my business cards, so we can incorporate a graphic created by a friend of mine for my consultant work. The plan is to create a business card size piece that is actually a tri-fold, and another traditional size tri-fold flyer. I can’t pop them into people’s post boxes (against the law here in the States) but plan to use them at conferences and gatherings I attend. Love to see what folks who’ve been on the scene longer than I am are doing to keep up the theological conversations!

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    1. Sounds brilliant! I didn’t know it was against the law to do that kind of promotion in the States. Makes me even more keen to make the most of the opportunity over here! Thank you for your comment 😊


  2. I also had business cards made up a number of years ago (via Vista Print as well) to promote my blog… but haven’t done anything with them in the past year or so. You’ve inspired me to pull them out and get “walking” πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Steven! Very encouraging post! πŸ™‚

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      1. In the past, I have only used the business cards as follow-up as I talk (ed) with people in conversation about my blog. Usually, those are people with whom I have a connection of some sort and they appear interested in the idea that I blog.

        Before reading your excellent post, I’d never thought to simply promote my blog to people that I didn’t know or to introduce myself to people for the purpose of promoting the blog. That’s quite a challenge and I admire your bold courage very much! And yes, I’ll keep you informed about how it all works for me. πŸ™‚

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  3. I’ve used Vista Print for my Etsy shop, and I’ve considered making a set for my blogs as well. They really are nifty! Here’s to getting your blog out there, and exercise! πŸ™‚

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    1. I didn’t realise Vista Print is a global company, but I guess I’m not surprised. They are good at enticing us in with their promo codes, haha πŸ™‚ I’d love to check out your Etsy shop! Could you please give me the URL?

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  4. I’m just now experimenting with different means of advertising my blog. It’s rather exciting now that I have stopped to learn about all the different methods. I’ll be curious to hear how the business card method works for you. Best of luck!

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    1. Thanks so much, Eric! I’m curious to see whether it makes any difference as well. I like the fact that I can do something ‘offline’ to promote my blog and books. Even if it doesn’t make much difference, it’s a lot of fun! I hope your own promotion efforts go really well, too. Let me know if there’s something that works particularly well for you πŸ™‚


  5. It sounds perfectly chaotic πŸ˜‰ which is in fact pure genius.
    I’m a member of a great online reading and writing club and when writers are about to publish, they ask members to be in their β€˜street team’ … these are handpicked supportive readers and so on who do obvious actions like advertise the author’s book of their FB page and other social media platforms .. and less obvious activities like leaving bookmarks on trains and shop windows. (I’m saying this benefit of your readers who may not have heard of street teams as I suspect you have?)
    Your business card print run for your blog is truly a great idea… vista print certainly offer good value. I used them a few years back for my business at home but had to keep local.
    A blog card could go worldwide!!
    Well done you and keep them going .. good money spent I’s say.
    May I copy you?


    1. Hello, Viola πŸ™‚

      Of course you can copy me! I was out on the streets again today posting them through people’s letter boxes, haha.

      I don’t know of the specific street team group you’re talking about, but I used to work in the music industry doing PR and we used to employ similar methods around some of our record releases πŸ™‚

      Thanks for following, will go check out your blog now!

      Peace and blessings,


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  6. I made my own using cards I already had. Mine aren’t as nice as your, I must admit ;)Nothing on the back, and all ot says on the front is my blog address πŸ™‚ People would ask me for my blog name, address etc. I got tired of finding something to write on, pen, etc…I came home one day, dug through my office supplies, found the cards. I couldn’t find the template, so it took a couple of runs to get the centering/ spacing right for it to print center on each card but they are done, and do the job I need them to do πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Margaret! Sounds good, nothing wrong with the DIY approach. Using VistaPrint gets you excellent results but it is costly. Always a case of weighing up the pros and cons of different approaches πŸ™‚

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      1. Yours look great, by the way, Steven. Mine were really a convenience. Whether it be an old or new aquaitence, everyone comes around to the question, “do you have facebook, twiiter, instagram, etc” my answer, “no, but I have a blog.” Them, “what’s it called” LOL and my cards were born :):) but I agree they are a great way to get a hard copy of something into others hands that they can access your blog with.

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  7. I don’t think they are a bad idea but here in the States this is illegal, as soon as there is one complaint the police would be knocking at your door. Here only the U.S Mail is allowed to put anything into a mail box. I do wish you well with your efforts though, if nothing else you are getting to get outside and getting some exercise, best wishes to you.

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    1. Hi there Old Poet,

      Yes in the comments above I learned that this is illegal in the States. Here in the UK if people don’t want unsolicited mail they put a notice on their letter boxes saying ‘No Junk Mail’, which I always respect, but even if I did post to those people I’m pretty certain it’s not illegal.

      God bless and thanks for your comment!


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