Be Anxious For Nothing

Good morning, folks! For today’s Monday Music post I’d like to share a beautiful piece of creative work from a Christian musician based here in the UK. Jonathan Ogden describes himself as a ‘creative missionary’, and aims to reach people with the Christian gospel through a variety of music and art projects, all of which demonstrate real talent (and hard work!).

Check out Jonathan’s amazing artwork here:Β
Check out Jonathan’s band Rivers and Robots here:Β

The specific piece I want to share today is a video by Jonathan based on Philippians 4:6-9. The video is presented in such a way as to help viewers meditate on the words of this passage of Scripture – a passage which will be familiar to many of you. It was filmed during a trip to New York City and I think it’s really quite beautiful!


    1. Thanks for reading/watching Anthony πŸ™‚ I think as a creative soul yourself you’d find a lot of their work to be inspiring, so definitely consider investigating further on YouTube etc, if you get a chance. God bless.

  1. Oh my! Would you believe I published a blog post analyzing this verse a few minutes ago! Your channel has provided me with confirmation – the Lord is calling me and all His children to peace in the midst of a seemingly chaotic world. Lovely video! Do you mind if I share it at the bottom of the post?

  2. Thank you, Steven!

    I found much tranquillity in the YouTube videos of Rivers and Robots. The music was created and blended brilliantly.

    Peace and tranquillity,


    1. Thank you, Dinos! So glad you enjoyed their videos. It’s good to find such creativity within the sphere of contemporary Christian music πŸ™‚ God bless you.

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