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Wherever there is activity in the universe, there must be a power that is causing that activity. Even scientists, who are very successful in describing how things happen, generally agree they cannot say why things happen. This is because there is an all-powerful cause of everything that happens. This cause is not a scientific law or set of laws, but is the cause of the activity that allows scientific laws to be formulated. The existence of this power cannot be proven with equations but is knowable by intuition if one rationally considers the nature of activity in the cosmos.

Because one of the attributes of God is infinite correlation (God can do an infinite number of things simultaneously), God can coordinate activity in the microcosm and the macrocosm. He can make all the hairs on your head grow at the same time, and can move your arms around at the same time as He pumps blood through those arms. God can make your heart beat while you walk along the road and hold a conversation. On a larger scale, God can create communities, ecosystems, and the movement of celestial bodies. All of these occurrences happen in harmony, and I believe they can only be understood in terms of the coordinating power of God, who is actively controlling the existence of all things.

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