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A New Look

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For some time now I’ve been playing around with the design of Perfect Chaos behind the scenes, but I couldn’t find a colour scheme and layout that I was happy with. However, I recently found a different theme that is similar but allows me to achieve what I couldn’t with my previous theme.

If you visit the blog you’ll see that things look different. I know it usually takes a little while to adjust to changes like these, so bear with me, but I think the new look offers the following improvements:

  • More white space for easier reading
  • Better layout with 3 featured posts
  • I’ve kept the red but it’s more subtle

I hope you like the changes and thank you so much for following Perfect Chaos! I’ll be posting again tomorrow with a roundup of my week in blogging and a few personal reflections. Have a blessed day πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, David! Glad you’re on board with the ‘more white space’ idea! Your blog achieves that well, I feel. Keeping the visuals simple helps keep the focus on the content (that’s my theory, anyway!) πŸ™‚

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      1. Way back in my newspaper days in the 1990s, “white space” was the buzz word for the graphic artists. At the time, we of the print side chafed (we didn’t want our word counts cut), but 20 years later, I’m loving the white space!!

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    1. Thanks, Amanda! It’s really the theme developers who have the talent, I just fiddle around with the settings until it looks half decent! Good learning process though πŸ™‚


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