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Gutenberg Update: Try the New WordPress Editor

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As bloggers, the way in which we compose our posts is no minor matter. That’s why I have been following developments at WordPress closely ever since I discovered their developers are working on a ‘revolutionary’ new blog post editor.

Back in March I wrote this blog post in which I introduced the concept of Gutenberg and explained what I had learned about the new editor after scouring the web for insights and information. I realised the forthcoming changes will affect every WordPress blogger, so felt it’s important to be up to speed.

I contacted Support yesterday for an update, and although things have progressed a little more slowly than expected, it appears the new editor is nearly ready to make its debut on WordPress.com. Here’s what one of WP’s very helpful happiness engineers told me:

We are working to roll Gutenberg out to all users on WordPress.com within the next few weeks, and it will first be an opt-in experience within the WP Admin dashboard. Later this year, we will be integrating Gutenberg into Calypso, which is the “new” WordPress.com editor you see when you go to My Sites in your WordPress.com account.

For those of you who in reading this are encountering Gutenberg for the first time, let me briefly explain the concept. The WordPress editor (the interface you use to compose your blog posts) will soon begin utilising a new feature, namely ‘blocks’, which are a kind of organisational unit for different categories of content, like images, headings, text, or widgets. There will be drop-down menus from which you can choose the type of block content you want and incorporate it into a particular part of a post.

The great news is that in advance of the Gutenberg editor being incorporated into WordPress.com, you can already experience what it’s like to use the editor via the following website:


Over the next few weeks extensive testing and tweaking will be undertaken behind the scenes but we can expect an announcement from WordPress.com HQ soon when the Gutenberg editor makes its debut. If this all sounds very scary, fear not, the adoption process will be gradual and it seems we will still have the option to use the old editor for some time.

What are your feelings about the new editor? Let me know in the comments below!


    1. It’s my pleasure, David! I’m looking forward to getting to know the new editor too. I just hope it’s a smooth transition and we can all figure it out! 🙂


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