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A New Season on Perfect Chaos

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There are two reasons for this post. Firstly, as a new month (and the last quarter of the year) begins, I wanted to give you an update regarding my plans for this blog moving forward. Secondly, I wanted to make some comments on recent changes WordPress have made to new post emails, which you may or may not have noticed, but that could have a significant impact on the WordPress platform.

My Plans for Perfect Chaos

In recent months my focus has been on the completion of my music project, so you will have noticed me posting a lot about new songs, album artwork, release info, etc. That project is now finished, so I have been able to regroup and give some thought to what I’d like to achieve over the next season in my life’s journey.

  • The Return of Friday Philosophy posts. As many of you will recall, a few months ago I was posting every Friday with a brief profile of a philosopher from history and my reflections on a big idea they had. This series was well-received, but I halted it temporarily to focus on the completion of my music project. I’m going to revive the series, so look out for a new Friday Philosophy post soon!
  • My New Writing and Video Project. I’ve felt inspired to embark upon a new project that will have several different components. I’m trying to formulate my philosophical / theological perspective in a way that will help me to reach a wider audience. In order to do this, I’m going to start making a new series of videos for my YouTube channel, which I’m in the process of redesigning. The videos I make will be tied to specific blog posts, so you will have the choice of whether to view or read the content. There is a big research component to this project, and I’ll be spending a lot of time in a central London library reading and writing. But I’m really excited about it, and there will be more news soon.
  • Occasional Music Content. I will continue to feature amazing music that I discover as well as my own compositions if I have time to write and record. But now that my music project is complete my blogging will be more focused on philosophy and theology.

Changes to WordPress Emails

Some of you may have noticed that WordPress.com have made a big change to the emails you receive when blogs you follow publish a new post. There are now advertisements at the bottom of these emails. Here is an example:

Screenshot 2018-10-01 at 12.10.58.png

I believe the adverts are only included in new post emails from WordPress.com users who don’t have a paid subscription. However, I think these adverts really devalue the content of the emails, and the WordPress platform as a whole.

If you would rather that the emails your readers receive remain ad free, please take action and contact WordPress support and let them know. This is an important issue and a support agent told me that they are only trialing this for the moment, so your feedback will be very important.

Okay, dear friends, that’s all for now, God bless you and have a wonderful week!


  1. As always, I look forward to reading your blog posts, Steven!

    Thanks for the update on the emails from WordPress, though! I havd no idea – I turned off all email notifications, and only read blog posts in the Reader. I hope that the ads that WP attached to my posts weren’t inappropriate! 😬

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    1. Thank you, Daily! The ads are pretty random, I don’t think they relate to the content of the posts. The content of the ads seems to be pretty clean, I really don’t like them though!

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        1. Oh that’s good, I’m glad those emails weren’t affected. I’m not entirely sure how they work out which emails have the ads, but they have been appearing in a lot of the emails from the blogs I follow.


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