Five Pillars of a New British Constitution

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The Brexit crisis has highlighted the flaws in the UK’s constitution. The Queen, who has executive powers in the UK, has been so absent from the political process that this has created catastrophic confusion within Parliament. It is clear that change is necessary, and I would like to suggest some principles in accordance with which change can take place. The comments are open and I’d like to invite discussion. Only polite comments will be approved.

  1. The monarchy should be abolished. The monarchy no longer serves a useful function in the UK, but is instead a drain on resources. The monarchy cements the idea of privilege, which is an anti-democratic principle.
  2. Britain should remain a democracy. Democracy remains the fairest system of government that human beings have been able to devise. Embedded within the democratic system is the idea that each individual is equally valuable, which is fair and therefore conducive to a peaceful society.
  3. We need a codified constitution. At present, the UK has a variety of instruments and conventions that dictate our laws and the distribution of power. These should be simplified into a single constitutional document.
  4. Dieu et mon droit. This is a French motto which is loosely translated as ‘by the grace of God’. We should acknowledge within our constitution that all power in our society, and indeed the world, is God-given.
  5. Replace the House of Lords. A new multi-faith church of the future should be established to replace the House of Lords (where currently election is largely undemocratic). Faith leaders should be elected democratically, and can advise Members of Parliament on moral and ethical issues.

I warmly invite you to express your opinion on these five ideas in the comments, with the hope that a fruitful discussion will ensue. Also, feel free to share this post if you think the principles I have suggested make sense, or at least warrant further discussion. God bless you and thank you for reading.


  1. Thanks for sharing.

    I can’t speak for all Australians but I think it would be devastating if the monarchy was to be abolished. In many ways it keeps our own politicians accountable. Without them, I think we would be horribly affected. I wouldn’t want my grandchildren, or any future generation, growing up without their rule.

    From your 2nd point, I think it’s a fair comment. You sound frustrated and I think I understand.

    Sadly, I think most politicians world wide have missed the mark. In some cases they have lost the plot. We need to keep praying for intervention and for God fearing rulers all over the world.

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    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful and heartfelt comment. Totally agree that we need God-fearing leaders. Incidentally, I don’t doubt that the royal family are God-fearing, I just think that their role within the political system needs to change to avoid Brexit-like disasters in the future. God bless you!

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    1. Thank you, Terese. It’s probably best that you don’t know what’s going on in the UK at the moment, frankly! 😂 I think we’ll be okay though, God-willing. Glad you like number 4, it’s the Queen’s motto. It appears on British passports.

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  2. I would say keep the monarch and redefine the role to a stability role because if you go full democracy you will have emotional mob rule, as a Canadian I would like to see a more US style checks and balances constitution, the ideas I would like to see are a competence oriented approach where we the people have some direct input on key positions like defense, finance and… ministers, maybe even have those positions selected from all the elected members not from the one party. the other idea is a council of 6 or 8 citizens that have real input into the finance ministry to bring so common sense to the government spending decisions lastly term limits on all government positions political and bureaucratic

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    1. Very interesting, Bill. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. For a long time the Queen has distanced herself from politics, but this is problematic as she has powers to appoint and dismiss ministers, for example (as I understand things). An intervention earlier in the Brexit process could have avoided so much political chaos, but instead we have had complete silence (not just from the Queen, but from the entire royal family). It’s difficult to see why the monarch is our constitutional leader if she doesn’t involve herself in the political process in a time of crisis. Some reform seems necessary, I feel.

      That’s an interesting idea you suggest about financial decisions being made collectively. I think a system where elected politicians all vote on legislation is a good idea, and one of the things I like about British democracy. God bless you, my friend.


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