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Keeping Hope Alive

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I can’t bring myself to check the news websites. I stopped doing that months ago. I rely on the chatter in local shops, the occasional conversation with a friend, or a blog post or tweet that I catch sight of, to inform me about the latest stories that are being put out in relation to all things Covid. And, of course, I pray — prayer is the great comforter that has carried me along thus far, and which will hopefully get me through whatever God (in his infinite wisdom) has in store for me and for the world in the coming weeks.

As I started to write this post, I heard these lyrics in a song I’d not heard before but which came on in a playlist I was listening to in the background:

Right now I’m choosing to believe,
Someday soon I’ll look back and see,
All the pain had a purpose,
Your plan was perfect all along,
This is the truth I’m standing on.

I couldn’t describe my own feelings right now any better than that. What I would say — and I say this to encourage anyone reading this who is struggling — is that the thing that I’ve found helps me the most during these lockdowns is intentionality. It’s really good to keep busy. This is easier for people who live with others (although maintaining healthy relationships during a time of lockdown is a huge challenge in itself).

For those who live alone, as I do, we have to find meaningful things to do. Maybe some cleaning or household repairs; maybe having a clear-out and/or making an inventory of everything we own; maybe phoning an old friend who we’re anxious to speak with; maybe learning to play a new instrument or taking up some other new hobby; maybe just writing a blog post and emailing the link to a few friends. We must do things that force us to keep negative thought-patterns at bay and put us in a positive frame of mind.

If all else fails, remember that the wisdom of God is far greater than anything our finite minds can comprehend. However big the challenges that we face may be, there is a sovereign God who is in control and who always has infinite possibilities at his disposal. Just because you can’t see a way through, doesn’t mean there isn’t a way through. There is a way through. God will make a way.