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Downgrading and Upgrading

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It’s important to keep busy during these lockdowns. What I find myself doing is agonising over decisions regarding what technology I might be able to afford to buy, and how I can live in an ever-more minimal way, reducing stress and improving efficiency in all I do. Avoiding stress is particularly important to me because I used to suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I think that’s why I find minimalism so appealing β€” the more organised I am the less anxiety I feel. I guess that’s the motivation for many minimalists.

In the last week, I’ve downgraded my phone, and in the next couple of weeks, I’m looking to upgrade my laptop. The phone decision was due to really disliking using Face ID and (more importantly) needing to save money. I realised that if I sold my phone, I would have just about enough money to upgrade my laptop towards the end of this month. So I’m excited about that, and I hope none of you reading this steal all the good deals on eBay 😜

I’m delighted to have a revamped blog as well. What I’ve achieved with this redesign has made me really happy, as I expended a lot of effort on it. Blogging is such a big part of my life and so redesigning my blog is a big deal for me (as far as anything like this can really be considered a ‘big deal’ β€” you know how much I love to relay the sentiment of the Book of Ecclesiastes…).

I think with this new blog design I’m going to post more often, but relatively short posts. For one, the way the blog page functions on the new design lends its favour to that style of blogging. And also, I feel short and punchy posts are more likely to be read because if other people are anything like me, it’s much easier to ignore and delete long posts than it is short ones (unless you really love the blogger in question, of course).

I’m actually feeling really happy about having opened up the comments again as well. I don’t know why, it could be the redesign, but I’m no longer feeling anywhere near as worried about what people are commenting. I think it must be an answer to prayer.

If you’re reading this and follow my blog, but don’t comment often, I realise that it’s probably at least partly my fault for policing comments too strictly in the past. But please, feel free to contribute, as I’d like for this blog to feel like a friendly and supportive community, and that means you have to be involved.

Have you found yourself thinking about technology upgrades a lot during these lockdowns? Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts. Have a great week, everyone πŸ™‚


  1. You caught my attention with the title of this post. I too have been thinking about adding some technology. I work from a laptop sitting on my lap while I ease in my recliner in our family room. Why? The clutter in my office. Whose fault is that? Mine. Five years of waiting for my 2019 spine surgery allowed me to just let go of everything and try to control my pain. That, of course, left things in a messy state. So, to avoid the stimulation from the clutter, I move to the family room, which doesn’t poke at me with stacks of things that need my attention. I hope you’re not going to buy any tablets from a Best Buy. That’s what I’d like to have so when I want to be in the family room, I can leave my laptop on my desk in my office and have my tablet handy if I want it to be in the family room. I better stop typing I’m going kind of random here.

    BTW, really liked your post on CSS and customization. I love to dabble in changing themes and customization.

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    1. Hi Sherrey, sounds really challenging with the surgery and everything, and of course, everyone’s situation is different when it comes to organisation, I’m sure many people can justify having clutter perfectly well! I hope I would never judge anyone 😊

      Glad you enjoyed the CSS post, thanks for reading my posts and taking the time to comment! πŸ˜ƒ How is your back/spine at the moment?


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