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Playing Around with CSS

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Hello again friends. I’m posting a lot at the moment, sorry! I don’t have anyone who I can call at 1am to help me wind down so I’m posting to the audience that never sleeps. I just want to share a few reflections on blog customisation and I have a few tips regarding how you can make changes to your blog to improve its appearance, if any of you are interested in doing so.

Obviously the first stage of customising your blog is choosing a theme. You can change your theme at any time without losing your content, which is so awesome. With the ‘live previews’ feature you can see what your blog will look like with a particular theme before committing to installing it. This is very handy. No theme will give you a perfect looking blog ‘out of the box’ which is why I want to write a little about CSS.

Don’t be put off by the acronym CSS, it just refers to a method of customisation. You can add short ‘snippets’ of CSS code to the ‘back end’ of your blog in order to customise your blog’s appearance. Go to My Sites > Design > Customize and the Customiser will load (yes, I prefer an ‘s’ to a ‘z’ in customisszze but whatever floats your boat!). After the customiser has loaded, scroll down and you should see an option to add Additional CSS.

Now this will all feel a little daunting the first time you do it, but don’t worry, start with a simple customisation and then when you feel more confident you can experiment to your heart’s content. Using CSS snippets you can change the size of headings, the colour of links, the ‘padding’ around certain elements, you can centre align your widgets, etc etc etc. Honestly, with CSS snippets you can achieve pretty much any customisation you could think of.

In order to find CSS snippets you have two choices. You can do a Google search for something like “CSS WordPress change link colour” and then try to find a forum where someone has asked the same question and received a satisfactory answer (normally that answer will include the relevant code pasted in a forum for you to copy and paste yourself). This method can be quite frustrating and time consuming, but it’s a really interesting process and you’ll see what a friendly bunch coders are; dishing out awesome advice for the good of humanity (possibly).

The other option you have (if you have a WordPress paid plan) is to hop on the chat and ask the happiness engineers to sort you out some CSS snippets for your customisations. So, you could ask for a snippet to centre your navigation menu, or to make your headings more bold, for example. You might be a bit scared to do this the first time, but as my friend’s rock band’s motto went: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!

That’s all I want to say; I just wanted to share about this nifty feature of the WordPress content management system that many bloggers probably aren’t aware of. With lockdowns and everything pandemic related it’s a good opportunity to improve your blogging skills and finding out how to add CSS customisations is one way of doing this. I hope you will explore this feature and enjoy the process of customising your blog as much as I do. This post will self-destruct in a few days, because my blog is a philosophy blog and I don’t want to confuse anyone by having random posts like this popping up. But yeah, hope it helped someone! Night night zzzzzzzzz… [but first tea and cake].


    1. Hi Cindy, you’re very welcome! I hope you manage to figure it out, once you’ve added a snippet or two it will hopefully make sense! 🙂 Blessings to you also! 🙏🏻

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