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Decorating my Flat

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If you missed yesterday’s philosophy post, you can catch up here.

I’m excited to share that I’ve been doing some decorating. A few months ago I bought a pot of teal paint and it has been sat in a cupboard unopened. Last night at around 11pm the idea suddenly struck me that it would be fun to go ahead and do some painting. As I already had brushes, rollers, dust sheets, and everything else I needed, I thought I would just go ahead (despite it being night time!).

The flat where I live is rented accommodation and I don’t know whether strictly speaking I’m allowed to paint the walls. From what I can remember, the contract just states that you have to vacate the property in the same condition it was in when you moved in. So I may have to return the walls I’ve painted to their original colour (or close to it) if I have to move out one day.

I was unsure which walls to paint, but I decided to paint a convex wall in the living room (convex?! I don’t think I’ve ever typed this word before :-D) and a concave (that’s a debut too I think!) wall in the bedroom. The idea is just to bring a bit of interest to the rooms. Of course, I had to go with teal β€” everyone knows that teal is the best colour in the world.

Here’s the living room with the newly painted wall:

I’m aware that there’s a thin layer of white at the top of the blue wall, I need to go over that with a very small brush to tidy it up.

Here’s how the bedroom looks:

I really hope I won’t have to move out anytime soon because I’ve expended so much energy getting this flat organised and decorated. When I moved in it was an empty shell, no carpets or curtains and only very few basic furniture items. I do dream of owning a place of my own one day (buy my books!) but I’m so delighted that God has blessed me with this flat. I’m not going to mention my neighbours (oops).

I’d be interested to know your thoughts about lamp shades. At the moment my lights in the living room and bedroom are just hanging from the ceiling with no shades. When you look directly at them you scorch your eyes, of course, but I’m reluctant to get light shades because I feel they would make the rooms too dark. Surely I’m not the first person to wrestle with this conundrum?!

Also, let me know if you’ve done any decorating yourself during the lockdowns πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading!


    1. Thanks Lily! The thing is I want the room to be as bright as possible. I actually ordered a light shade which is being delivered on Saturday but it might block out too much light for my liking, will have to see 😊


  1. Love it… teal is absolutely the best. I quite a agree. :)) As for lamp shades, we too had this issue, but you can buy very cheap round paper lantern shades from places like Ikea, Asian stores and/or sometimes dollar stores. The come flattened like an accordian and expand into a paper sphere between two round wires. Very clean, organic/elegant-looking and non-darkening.

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  2. Your flat looks great! I love how neat and organized it is. And yes, teal was a great choice! I’m sorry I won’t be of help about the lamps coz I’m lazy and don’t like to clean so although I’ve always wanted one, I’ve never gotten one. But I agree about the round lanterns. They’ll be a good accent to your flat! πŸ™‚

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    1. Ahh bless you, thank you! I am not really very gifted when it comes to interior design, but I do my best. Reading blogs like yours is getting me in the mood to do some more decluttering. I do keep ordering things on Amazon though, really need to break that habit!

      Yeah I think I’m going to try the lanterns! πŸ™‚

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