It’s Time for a BIG Change — Please Read

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Friends of the blog, I would firstly like to thank you for the interest you have taken and continue to take in my blogging activities. I appreciate your support very much. I’m writing this post to describe a big change that I hope will make us all feel more comfortable.

I’m aware that in recent weeks I’ve been posting a lot about personal activities and reflections that have not necessarily been related to philosophy and/or theology. I have felt anxious about these ‘random’ posts, because, while I love writing them, I’m aware not everyone is interested in my personal life; some people just want to discuss philosophy, theology, and spirituality.

What I’ve decided to do to try to remedy this situation is create a second blog on which I will share my more personal posts, and then I will keep Perfect Chaos exclusively for philosophy and theology. People can follow either blog, or both blogs, depending on what interests them.

The second blog is live, but I’m not going to share the URL. Instead, I’m going to ask you to email me if you would like access to the new blog. The reason why I am doing this is to try to filter out some of the people who read my writing simply to be critical (I believe they’re called ‘haters’ in the trade!), and instead to keep the audience of the new blog limited to people who like me, and are genuinely interested in my life and my more personal reflections and wish to be supportive and encouraging.

I hope all of this makes sense and sounds like a good plan. Peace be with you.

4 Comments on “It’s Time for a BIG Change — Please Read

    • Ah that’s brill, I was hoping you’d be interested! Funny that you mention password protection, I was just thinking about that and will be considering it for the other blog, depending on how things go 🙂

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