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Friends, I hope you are all well. I wanted to share with you some of the books I’ll be reading as I embark on my new book writing project. I can’t say too much about the book at this stage but what I will say is that interfaith issues will be central to the book. In these initial stages of planning and researching, I’m intending to read quite widely. However, there are two subjects that I’m particularly interested in right now…

The Hadith Literature

Since reading the Qur’an had such a profound impact on me, I have been keen to learn more about the Hadith literature, which is a body of work documenting the life and sayings of Prophet Muhammad.

Interfaith Spirituality

I’m very interested to explore how the Abrahamic religions fit together and to get a deeper understanding of the areas of theological resonance and dissonance between them.

With the above considerations in mind, I have borrowed the books pictured below from a philosophy and theology library in London that I recently joined.

The yellow book is a large print book, which I actually reserved by mistake! However, my eye sight isn’t perfect, and one of my pet hates is books that have really small font sizes (that cause me eye strain), so I’m actually not disappointed to be reading a large print book at all 🙂

These books may take me months to read. I’m a slow reader, because I like to try to fully understand, absorb, and digest every sentence when I’m reading a good book. I’m not sure where to start with this bunch; they are each fascinating to me in their own way.

I’m feeling quite fatigued at the moment. I’ve been doing a lot of walking and have been wrestling with a cold which I picked up when the weather changed, so I’m not going to immerse myself in study too deeply until I feel back to 100% (or at least somewhere close!). But yeah, I feel excited and privileged to have access to this fascinating reading material and I look forward to sharing any interesting discoveries with you all here on Perfect Chaos in due course.


  1. Having been ‘born of God’ I don’t know why you look for God beyond Jesus Christ. ‘In him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.’ Why dabble anywhere else?


    1. A large percentage of the world’s population are not Christians, therefore I believe it’s wise (and courteous) to try to understand why other people are passionate about their faith. And of course I prayed to God about whether He would approve of me reading the Qur’an. It really is an amazing Scripture, I highly recommend reading it if you haven’t yet.


        1. Indeed! It’s between you and God, and I do understand why Christians are often very protective of their beliefs and sceptical of other faiths. I know it comes from a place of fear of God, which I understand and respect. I wish you well.


            1. I’m with you 100% on God’s sovereignty. And I liked your conversational writing style in the beard-trimming saga. And agree that life lived is inconclusive. That’s why I only feel safe in Christ. So I will check out some more posts of yours on WP.

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            2. Oh, you read ‘God Willing’! Thank you so much. It’s a bit of a ‘love it or hate it’ book, I do hope you enjoyed it. And I’m glad you have a high view of God’s sovereignty as well. Thanks again and I hope some of my posts are of interest.


            3. Oh, I see! You read the preview on Amazon? That’s fair enough if you don’t have an eReader. Thanks very much and I hope you’re recovering from your leg injury (I just saw the picture on your blog!)


            4. Yes, on Amazon. So I need get the Kindle app to get “God’s Will?”
              Yes, slow recovery- an awkward motorbike fall.

              And I read your piece on God’s spirit in us. I believe the holy Spirit is one and the same Spirit as in the risen, ascended Christ. My blogs explain further.


            5. Sounds very painful, I wish you a swift recovery! You don’t need a Kindle, you can use Amazon’s desktop app to read any Kindle book. You can access it by going to read.amazon.com. I think you just need to have an Amazon account. Let me know if you get stuck and I’ll try to help.


            6. Thanks so much for your time. I of course have an Amazon account, so I look forward to reading beyond the beard-trim!
              Being laid up is new to me. I’m at my brother’s wheel chair-access home, on crutches, probably for another month. I live in New England’s Maine and winter in Florida. I’m 67.
              The moment I knew my ankle was smashed I knew God decreed it. I thank him I’ve no hard feelings, though I get impatient at times. Keeps my eyes towards him.


            7. Please note that it’s read.amazon.com not read.kindle.com (I mistakenly put the latter in my previous comment, I have now updated it).

              You are having a tough time by the sounds of it! It’s certainly true that hardship often focuses our attention more on God. And I do believe everything that happens is the will of God, so I guess He wants you to learn something from this. Or maybe those around you. In any case, take it easy and get well soon!

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