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A while ago I made all the images on my blog black and white. It took me days to update all my posts. Even while I was doing this I had niggling doubts about it, but once I had completed the process the thought came to me that the black and white images reflected the ‘black and white’ will of God; He guides some and leaves others to stray; some are considered righteous and others wicked; we will all go to heaven or hell. This felt like justification for the laborious changes I made!

However, some images just look incredibly bad in black and white. Although it gave a nice consistency and perhaps originality to the blog, I was not happy. A couple of days ago I was up late, and I think God appreciated my frustrations as I felt inspired to update all my images again back to colour! We’re talking hundreds of posts, folks (I’ve been blogging regularly since 2012!).

Fortunately, I found some awesome stock images and am currently about a third of the way through updating all my posts again. I am so much happier with the blog in colour, and with the new images I have found I’m feeling very satisfied. I hope that you like the way the blog looks as well, that’s important to me.

I wanted to just mention a post I wrote a couple of days ago. The post, titled ‘What does it mean to say God is love?’ took me a few hours to write, and I had originally saved it as a scheduled post. However, there’s a bit of a bug in WordPress — when you unschedule a scheduled post, and then later publish it, the blog still appears in the Reader under the previously scheduled time. For this reason, many of you won’t have seen the post. So I thought I’d just give it a mention and share the link again:

What does it mean to say God is love?

In my studies of late, I have returned to reading the Bible after a few months reading the Qur’an every day. It’s very interesting returning to the Bible having read the Qur’an, and also having read a big book about New Testament textual criticism. Although I’m financially hard up right now, I’m thinking about getting the Kindle version of Bart Ehrman’s book, Heaven and Hell. Have any of you read it? I’ve read a couple of his other books but as I’ve been studying perspectives on hell in the Abrahamic religions it seems it could be interesting to read this.

I hope you are all well and are making nice plans for Christmas. I am planning to borrow a few books about Judaism from the library in the run-up to Christmas, though I think I’ll be reading the Bible quite frequently as well. I’m a huge fan of organisation and brainstorming and am looking forward to sketching out some plans for 2022 on paper (not that my plans ever turn out anything like I expect them to!).

Lastly, if you have read one of my books recently, please consider leaving a review on the relevant retailer website. Many hundreds of people have been downloading my books, but I have hardly any reviews, so would appreciate your support with this. You can find all my books (both paid and free) on my Books page.

Peace and blessings upon you and thank you for following Perfect Chaos.


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