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Life Update: On the Verge of Homelessness

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Greetings, friends. Unfortunately, you read that title correctly. I’m very close to homelessness right now. I’m sat in a coffee shop and have a large backpack with me containing all my most important belongings. I left my apartment at 2am this morning and I’m unlikely to go back.

Some of you will recall that over the last few years I’ve been struggling with a difficult accommodation situation. I have a neighbour who has serious behavioural issues and is nothing short of dangerous. I have nearly moved out on several occasions, but it’s a struggle to find housing in London, as you can perhaps imagine.

I won’t go into details regarding what this person has been doing, but I will just say the stress has been really something. It has been affecting my frame of mind and emotional health, and I must not keep putting myself in this situation any longer as it’s not good for me.

When I have almost moved out previously, it didn’t work out, and I ended up reluctantly returning to the flat, despite feeling unsafe. It’s always a case of weighing up the relative danger of staying in the flat versus sleeping rough or trying to find someone willing to lend me their sofa. It’s possible that I could be offered alternative accommodation by the council (I’ve been on a waiting list for years), but I fear that the kind of housing provided by the council might do little to improve my circumstances.

I’m currently weighing up my options. Part of me really wants to get out of London, this is a crazy city and I am longing for peace. On the other hand, London has been my home for over 20 years and there’s nowhere obvious for me to go outside of the city. I’m connected in with the mental health team in my part of London, but the system can be a nightmare to navigate and housing is in short supply.

With all this uncertainty, I’d be grateful for your prayers. I’m very tired and will need to sleep at some point, though I don’t currently know where! I hope the weather will be favourable and that I get to speak with some people who can provide guidance. As it’s Saturday today, I think all the relevant agencies will be closed, so I’d imagine I will have to wait until Monday at the earliest to get help.

I’ll try to provide an update this evening or tomorrow.


          1. Imma try to email an old buddy. I haven’t heard from him in over a year. But I know he still works there. He may be on holiday, but I’ll forward him your info. Just in case

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  1. Hey I just saw this, I’ll be praying for you. Have you tried the Citizens Advice Bureau? Also, London is quite stretched for housing, maybe a new start somewhere else might not be a bad idea? Do you have friends/family who could help you move your things? Or a friend/family member who has a free sofa for tonight?

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    1. Hey! Thanks for the prayers! I wouldn’t mind moving somewhere different. I don’t have a huge number of belongings as I’ve spent some time decluttering. I do have a sofa bed and a breakfast table so I think I would need a van. I don’t know anyone with a van but could probably find someone via classified ads. There’s a website called AnyVan which I’ve used before. Thanks for the support!

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  2. Oh, Steven! This sounds so hard, scary, and frustrating!!! As you are a man of God I just know that churches and mosques in the area would be more than willing to help you! Here in the States they do not have to follow the same rules as state agencies which can be a plus.
    When God takes something away he replaces it with something better.
    May God ease your way to a replacement and a better place to call home! Ameen!

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    1. Thanks so much, Mary! Reading your comment made me a bit emotional. I may try dropping into a church or a mosque, great idea. I can check into my room at 2pm and it’s now 12:30pm so not too long to wait! πŸ™πŸ»

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      1. 😒🀍 This must be such a struggle my dear friend, and with no sleep! I’m so happy to hear that check in is coming up. πŸ€²πŸ»πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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