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The Days are Evil

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Wandering the streets of London during the night recently has provided ample evidence that we live in truly evil times. One random stranger offered me cocaine (of course, I declined). Other strangers were full of aggression and cursing. People are so far astray, it seems, that sometimes to even mention the existence of God seems inappropriate — it just comes across to these people as an empty word; they do not realise that God exists and is their hope. Nevertheless, I try to mention the name of God and His ability to turn difficult situations around at every possible opportunity. God guides whoever He will, and leaves to stray whoever He will.

Tonight is my second night in the hotel. There is relative calm here. It is well-organised and clean and on the whole very quiet, though there are still door slammers (what’s with all the door slamming?!) and cursers, as well as people who look guilty and are perhaps up to some kind of mischief. The receptionists have been friendly and helpful. I slept soundly last night, except that this morning I experienced severe anxiety and it was a struggle getting up and facing all the uncertainty of my present circumstances.

I feel very grateful to have received financial gifts from two readers of this blog. For the last few months I have been struggling to get out of my overdraft and am on a very tight budget. These gifts caused me to feel a great deal of relief. I have been praying today about the best course of action to take in the immediate future, and I hope that by tomorrow, when I am due to check out of this hotel, I will have a clear plan. I have to trust that God will protect me and not give me over to the will of evildoers. As the Qur’an makes clear, evildoers never prosper. Psalm 37 is also a great encouragement in this respect.

I thought I would elaborate briefly on why I’ve been finding my neighbour so difficult to live with. Some of the things he does include folding the carpet in the communal area in strange ways so as to cause a tripping hazard, screaming loudly and aggressively when I am in earshot (he pretends to be screaming at his cat, but I believe he does this to try to hurt me emotionally), slamming the doors extremely loudly, playing music so loudly it can be heard at the end of street, stamping on the stairs as he walks past my flat…. he is far, far astray and his behaviour is unnecessary and very wicked. I have felt as though he is continually seeking a physical confrontation, and this is the main reason why leaving the flat recently felt like the wisest option.

I’m not sure what I will do tomorrow. I need to check out of this hotel by 12pm unless I prolong my stay. The thought of returning to the flat tomorrow pains me, but if I do go back I hope that God will guide and protect me. The most important thing is that I am in right standing with God and that He will save me from the fires of hell of judgement day. This is my petition to God and my overarching ambition.

Peace be with you all and thank you for your support.


  1. Steven, just read your last four posts. I haven’t been on my computer very much the last year and a half so I’ve gotten behind on what’s happening with those I enjoyed reading. Sorry to read about your current circumstances. I’ll certainly be praying for you and resolution to your troubles. God is always there leading the way.

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    1. Thanks so much, Sherrey! I appreciate the encouragement and prayers very much. I hope you’re keeping well. Thanks for reading my recent posts. God bless you!


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