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Housing Update

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Friends, I haven’t posted in a few days as I haven’t known what to write. Much to my surprise, on Tuesday morning I was spending some time in prayer, and God directed me to go back to the flat. I had been in the hotel for three nights and had booked a fourth night in another hotel, but apparently God had other plans.

The situation in my flat leaves me feeling continually on edge, but it must be that God wants me to be here for the time being at least. I am continually in a state of preparedness to leave again at short notice, but it could be the case that God wants me to stay here and that it’s safer here than being homeless. I’m taking things one day at a time.

Thanks again to everyone who has prayed for me. Prayers for my safety and for a clear way forward would be appreciated. I know I’m not in a terrible situation compared to many people, and I count my blessings each and every day, while praying for positive breakthroughs.

I don’t want to bore anyone by sharing my woes on here too often, but your support and friendship and prayers are truly appreciated and have helped me enormously. I hope to go back to posting about the research I’ve been doing for my Divine Justice book, as I have been working on this when circumstances have allowed. It’s interesting how my life circumstances feed into the matters I’m contemplating while undertaking this research — truly, God has a plan and is the best of teachers.

Sometimes in life I feel so utterly wretched and broken that the only thing I can do is just surrender. I pray and I beg and I plead with God to lift my spirits but I find myself swamped by despair. God is infinite in wisdom and knows me better than I know myself, which gives me some comfort. I only hope to be a recipient of His mercy in this life, and especially in the next.

Thank you for reading and peace be with you.


  1. Hello Steven, sorry to hear! Hope things work out for you soon. That may be a wise plan, to stretch your stay in the flat until you’re able to find somewhere else to live. God willing, something will work out soon!

    And yes, life is full of trials and turmoil, hardship and pain, that is the deliberate plan of this life, those who suffer and are patient will receive their rewards in the hereafter. The Messengers of God suffered too and we will most likely see them in the most elevated of places in the next eternal world.

    Saying that, the Qur’an also states that: “No soul will be burdened with more than it can bear.”

    Peace be upon you.

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  2. It’s in the twist and turns of life that we discover the fullness of who our Father is. Provider, Healer, Giver of peace, The One who is always there…and it goes on. May you continue to come face to face with who He is in all your circumstances.

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