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Greetings, friends! I mentioned a few weeks ago that a guy interviewed me in Hyde Park in London when I was going through some of the hardest moments in my (ongoing) close-to-homelessness experience. The interview was for his TikTok channel which is called Be That Somebody.

You can watch the video clip here:

In response to the video a few people contacted me to offer support and donations! This is really appreciated as I am deep into my overdraft and am still trying to find a solution to the difficult problems with my accommodation. If you feel you’d like to help me out, please consider making a donation of whatever amount you can spare. You can also help by sharing the video. Thank you! 🙏🏻


    1. Did you try clicking the link? It should open the video in a browser window. You don’t need to have the app. Works for me but you’ve got me worried now!


      1. I DID click it and it said I had to have the app. Won’t play. But I can try tomorrow on my PC and see if it might work there. It certainly doesn’t on my iPhone. I’ve had other people send me TT videos and I can never see them.

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