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When I used to go to Hillsong Church London we’d sing a song which began with the lyrics, “We’re giving it all away, away, we’re giving it all to go your way” and that song came to mind as I was contemplating what to write in this blog post. Why? Because I’ve decided to give all my books away in their eBook editions! This includes my new book, Christianity, Islam, and the One True God.

I was in two minds as to whether to do this because quite a few people have purchased my new book and I don’t want them to feel upset. So if you have bought a copy of that book, please accept my apologies for this! But the $0.99 you spent is going towards helping me stay afloat financially (and potentially funding me to be able to write more) so I hope you won’t feel too hard done by!

So yes, all of my books are free as eBooks at all retailers as of right now and you are welcome to download as many of them as you like. My primary aim with writing is to share insights, and I feel delighted to know that people are reading my books even if I’m not making money from sales for a period of time. And if you do want to support me financially, my books are all available as paperbacks (some as hardcovers) or you can always make a donation to me via the donate page if you really enjoy my work and want to offer support.

To see all my books, with links to retailers, visit the Books page.

Another way in which you can return the favour of reading my books for free is to leave me a positive review on Amazon or whichever other retailer you choose to get your copy from. I particularly need reviews for my new book, so please consider leaving a review if you read it and enjoy it.

It’s the weekend! So get yourself some free philosophical theology and enjoy! πŸ™πŸ»


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