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An Audiobook Snippet For You! (2 mins)

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In a previous post I discussed the recent technological developments that have made creating audiobooks much easier for authors who are on a tight budget. I remarked that after I converted one of my books to audio using Google’s new text-to-speech technology, I was surprised by how good the AI narration was.

I’d love to throw this over to you and see what you think. Below you will find a short extract from my book An Almighty Predicament: A Discourse on the Arguments For and Against Christianity, which was created using Google’s AI narration.

It’s obviously not perfect narration, and I feel that this type of narration wouldn’t work well for every one of my books, but I think that the quality is high enough that I’m considering doing this for at least some of my books.

Please let me know what you think in the comments! Would you consider purchasing an AI-narrated audiobook? Did you find the narration easy to follow? I look forward to your thoughts!


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