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The Day of Judgement

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Praise be to the Creator of the Universe, who is complete within Himself, lacking absolutely nothing, perfection itself, though man cannot understand this.

You are absolutely insignificant, though God has chosen you and called you to repent of your sins so that He can forgive you and perfect His blessing upon you.

God is ever-faithful, if He has called you, He has placed a seal on your mind, body, and spirit until the Day of Judgement. God will not forsake His saints.

You are a sinner and all God asks is that you acknowledge this, turn to Him, and ask for forgiveness. God delights in your weakness as it allows Him to demonstrate His strength (this is a great mystery).

The only reason why you were created is to worship God, so be mindful of your unique gifting and use it to worship and glorify your Creator, who is infinitely wise and supremely powerful.

God is patient, God is kind, He does not envy, He does not boast, from dusk until the dawn He calls His children home.

He is Almighty God, Elohim, Maker of the Earth, He is the Lord of Hosts, Heaven’s King, God of Endless Worth. His kingdom stands above every power, every living soul, His love is like the sun, ever true, shining over all.

Forgive me, Lord, please. You are my hope; my everything. I only want to glorify You, honour You, and receive Your mercy. Overlook my many sins on the Day of Judgement and grant me a place in the safety of paradise forever. Amen.


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