My name’s Steven and I’m the author of more than a dozen books in the philosophical theology genre. I have also written more than 400 articles and made many videos discussing all of the big problems and questions of philosophy and theology.

The title of this blog – ‘Perfect Chaos’ – refers to the idea that while existence is seemingly chaotic, in reality everything unfolds in perfect accordance with the will of God. That’s an idea at the heart of my philosophy, and if you explore some of my work you’ll come to understand why I believe it to be true and the many implications of this perspective for life and faith.

I’m a first class BA (Hons) graduate of the University of Westminster and hold a postgraduate certificate in Philosophy and Religion from the University of London. Perhaps more important than my academic qualifications is my spiritual journey, which has involved immersive explorations of both Eastern and Western spiritual practices and philosophical traditions, as well as several spells in psychiatric hospital following episodes of psychosis.

My spiritual journey has led to some unusual insights which I share on my blog and in my books and videos. These insights, which centre upon the divine sovereignty versus human free will predicament, have proven helpful to many people. I hope that my work will impact your life in a positive way as well.


  1. Thanks for liking my latest post. A question to you from a biologist/pastor/theologian (me) ; given that we are at the mercy of circulating hormones, neurotransmitters, and products of digestion, is there any such thing as the free will of the theologians?

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    1. Hi! I don’t believe we have free will. All activity in existence is an expression of God’s will. There is one almighty will, in control of everything that happens (including in our bodies). May I ask what prompted the question?


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m telling my story and sharing my knowledge to help others with their struggles. I’m going to follow your blog and hopefully gleam some knowledge from it.

    God Bless

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  3. Stephen! It doesn’t appear that you are doing the A-z challenge…so, how did you come across my blog?? Just curious. I’ve enjoyed reading about your journey from atheism to Christianity. I think one has to really desire to know before the Holy Ghost can work on that person and lead them to Truth. Sincerely, Gail

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    1. Hi Gail!

      I believe I came across your blog through the Reader. I search for blogs that are focused around my areas of interest.

      Thanks for returning the visit and reading some of my posts, I appreciate it!

      Peace and blessings,


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  4. Hi there! Thankyou for visiting my blog, following and liking it. I would be obliged if my blog could help people in some way or the other. Thanks, your comments and feedbacks are most welcome.

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  5. Steven, I just had to follow you! You have great content here and I’m sure my philosophy enthusiast fiance would love to read these too. Continue doing what you love and professing about God’s existence.
    – A new friend from the Philippines. 🙂

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    1. Hi Tina! That’s very kind, it’s great to hear from you and thank you for following! You seem like a very interesting person, and I like your blog, so I’ve followed back 🙂 Hope to keep in touch. God bless! 🙂

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