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To request a review copy of one of my books, please send an email to the above address with some information about your blog, website, or publication. To view all of my books, visit the Books page. 


  1. Your book looks like it has lots of potential! Let me know if you are looking for any reviews, I’d be glad to give feedback or write a review for you.

    I think you would like a book my father just wrote coming from a similar perspective. It’s called The Q Fragments and it’s about more fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls are discovered by accident in modern Jerusalem. Seemingly trivial at first glance, once translated they reveal for the first time evidence of Christianity’s beginnings and possibly first hand information about Jesus and his life. But they also reveal the existence of something else hidden in the desert near the Dead Sea, something that may forever alter the understanding of Jesus and Christianity itself, if it can be found before the antiquities thieves can get to it.

    The Q Fragments is an exciting, fast paced mystery and historical thriller that takes the reader from a present day race to find these precious and valuable religious artifacts to the final days of Jesus and Pilate in Judea, two thousand years ago. Based on thorough research and told through a swirling cast of characters spanning two continents and twenty centuries, The Q Fragments is a page-turning ride into what history and textual criticism might tell us about the real Jesus, his companions, and what may have really happened two thousand years ago.

    You should check it out on amazon He has a free Kindle version out right now.

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    1. Hi Kayla! Great to hear from you. Your father’s book sounds very interesting. When I get a Kindle (which will probably happen at some point) I’ll keep it in mind.

      I’m based in the UK so it might be difficult to ship you a copy of my new book, but I’d love to get a review from you so I’ll send you an electronic version when I have the files. Many thanks for the offer.

      Great to be linked up! Enjoy the rest of your day. Steven

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