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Steven Colborne Sept 18

Perfect Chaos is a philosophical theology blog, and it’s what I regard as my ‘primary’ blog. It’s the place where I post articles related to philosophy, religion, and spirituality, which are my vocational focus.

But I also love writing about other, more personal matters. For instance, I am an avid minimalist and often feel inspired to share about the way I incorporate the principles of minimalism into my life. I also like to write about mental health and interpersonal issues, as well as some poetry and ‘stream of consciousness’ writing, which is more like journalling, and not really appropriate for Perfect Chaos.

Having decided I would like an outlet for sharing these more personal articles, in early 2021 I launched a second blog. This other blog can be found at It’s a private blog, meaning that in order to view the content you’ll need to request access. I made it private due to the sometimes sensitive nature of the content, which I am refraining from sharing publicly (posts don’t appear in search engines or in the WordPress Reader, for instance).

If you would like to request access to this other blog, you can do so either by emailing me or clicking the link below and following the on-screen instructions. If we don’t really know each other, it’s best to email me and say hi so I know you’re trustworthy and not wanting access for trolling purposes!

Click here to visit