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This page offers you a way to promote your blog, free of charge. By leaving a comment below, you can introduce your blog to new readers, and every month I will write a post featuring a few of the blogs that I’ve enjoyed checking out.

All you have to do to participate is leave a comment below with an explanation of what your blog is about and a link to your blog. Your comment should be less than 100 words. There are no restrictions in terms of the type of blog you can post about, although I reserve the right to delete any comments linking to blogs that contain inappropriate content that could be upsetting to my readers.

Please write clearly, check your comment for errors before posting and ensure your link is correct. Otherwise, your comment may be deleted. I hope participating in this free promotion will bless you and bring new visitors to your blog. Thank you and enjoy!


  1. I’m Joanna and my blog is called ‘Truth is …’
    Each week I pick out something from daily life and link it with a truth from the Bible. I write with honesty and often humour, and my readers enjoy the fresh perspective they find:
    “Your words are inspiring, honest and encouraging.”
    “As ever, your blog is superb – so easy to connect to. It is grounded in living reality.”
    “Your blogs will be bringing tremendous support, insight and comfort to those currently reading them – and to those yet to have the joy of discovering them!”
    Find me at:

  2. I’m Tim and my blog is called: “Disciple life – I’m living the miraculous life, you can have it too!”.
    Since I saw the first movie of the Last Reformation my life has taken a new turn. My God lives and I live to make disciples. As the Bible says, when the Gospel is preached signs and wonders will follow: we are called to heal the sick and cast out demons! My blog is about testimonies of my encounters with different people in shops, trains, planes, on the street etc. My goal is to encourage the body of Christ to be obedient to His commands.
    May you be blessed by it!

  3. Hello, I’m Lisa Beth, I have two sites, both are grounded in my Christian faith. The first came forth from a time of betrayal, loss, and calamity, Crushed By God. As my life unraveled, my faith was deeply tested. The posts about anxiety attacks, depression, and disappointment are from this journey and are intended to encourage others to trust in God’s sovereignty and faithfulness.
    My second site, The Burning Lamp, is a bit lighter. It includes testimonies of faith, current events, and even articles about animals and creation. “Can Animals Preach the Gospel?”…find out at The Burning Lamp!
    Well, thanks so much for letting me share! May the Lord richly bless you all.

  4. Hello! I’m Sue.

    In 2004, the Lord Jesus called me to write out what he teaches me through scripture and to post it on the internet. He used Habakkuk 2:2-3 as the inspiration:

    “Write down the revelation
    and make it plain on tablets
    so that a herald may run with it.” (v. 2)

    The “tablet” is my computer. The “herald” is the internet. My job is just to write what the Lord teaches me, and to place it on the internet, and then the herald runs with it. Thus, the blog is titled “Run With It.”


  5. I started blogging to overcome a compendium of different issues ranging from addiction to depression. In my experience this blog has helped me more than all of the counselling I have had in my life. I like to think that I am more aligned to the straight and narrow path. There was a time in my life when I could never imagine being a good christian. Now I would like to relate my experiences and offer a helping hand to people who are following the same footsteps as mine.
    GOD is great, all the way. I hope that I can spread his message of good will all of my life.
    My blog is @ May the grace of GOD remain with you.

  6. Hi I’m David,

    For about five years I’ve been on a bit of a spiritual path exploring and reading about different religions of the world. I believe all are beautiful in their own ways and point towards certain truths about the universe and God. I’m particularly interested in mysticism and find that it is the link that connects all the religions at their core. In my blog, I discuss various spiritual themes, comparative religion, mysticism, as well as issues society currently faces, and my own life.

    If you’re interested and want to read or follow me, my blog is at

    Thank you Steven for the opportunity, and all the best for you all!

  7. My name is Tabetha and I am a wife, mom and grandma from Central Illinois with a passion for Christ and writing. I call my blog Tabetha’s Devotions because I am writing to me just as much as to you. These are lessons I am learning on my journey with Christ and hope you join me.

    Steven has been so kind to offer me the opportunity to share with you. Thank you Steven!

    Please feel free come visit with me anytime at



  8. My blog consists primarily of musings and ramblings on generally spiritual themes. That said, travel and public speaking increasingly make an appearance on the page. In my life’s journey I have been a preacher, a teacher, and a chapel manager. I am an ecclesiastical historian, and theologian. I have worked in inter-faith dialogue and as a Holocaust educator. All have given me insights to things spiritual, and of things human. I hope my musings may be of some help to those who read them. Please find me at:

  9. Hey, I write a blog called lemonzest. I’m a medical student in my final year. I started writing about 6 months ago when I was faced with some very hard times. Writing helped me heal and it helped me find myself. I realised who I truly am.
    I write about travelling, baking and cooking, self help as well as other things that inspire me and help lift my spirit.
    So here is the link, I hope you like it 😄

  10. Hello everyone! My name is Angie and I’m currently an undergrad student studying English- I primarily write poetry, short stories and essays on my blog. Additionally, I will be publishing my book soon!

    Here is my link:

    I’d love for readers to drop by and get to talk to some new faces! ❤️

  11. As a Christian called to ministry and helping others in Christ, I plan to use my site to empower the church and write on Christian living. I have been serving the Lord for 7 years and was saved by Jesus when I was in the deepest pits. My heart and desire is to lead others to Christ in my thoughts, words and actions and this corner of the web is one way for me to do it.
    Here is my link, I hope to see some of you on my page soon!

  12. Hi Steven! I’m Chris and I’m a local church pastor in a rural congregation in southwest Kansas and an M.Div. student at Wesley Seminary in Marion, Indiana. My personal blog is and I launched it as a landing pad for my meditations and reflections on life and pastoring. It also serves as a space for me to post poetry – a pastime I engage in from time to time. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. My name is Nathan Graham. Not Your Pastors Exegesis is a blog I started to provide myself a platform to purge my thoughts and feelings on any scripture I come across in my readings of the Bible.

    I am not theologically trained and I by no means claim to be. I simply hope that if you are one of the few people reading my blog you will join me in reveling at the beauty that is our Lord Jesus Christ.

  14. My name is Selasi Ametewee. The blog I created is called Redeemed View. It’s an outlet I hope I can use to express my feelings and share experiences that I feel other Christians my age can relate to.

    It’s a view from a vantage point that involves a completely different perspective on life, a view that’s completely unobstructed as it is washed clean through the sanctifying and cleansing power of the blood our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ spilled for us on the cross. A redeemed view…

    You can check my blog out at: 🙂

    Peace in Christ! 🙂

  15. Hello! I’m Jeanette, and new to blogging. I started because I love stories, especially those filled with the grace of God. With such a wealth of stories in my life, I thought it’d be criminal of me not to share them. My blog, Only by Grace, is about a broken human and her journey with a God of amazing grace. If you do stop by, I hope it will be encouraging, uplifting, and a blessing.

    PS Thank you for this opportunity to share!

  16. Hello! I’m Thomas. The username that will appear above is identical to the name of my German main blog. My German blog and my English blog both are Bible blogs. I am sharing my thoughts about scripture. My German blog centres on Matthew 11:28-30. On my English blog I am dealing with 1 Corinthians 13. I am keeping my posts short. Perhaps you are looking for some inspiration on what to make of these Bible passages.

    Here are my links: (German).

  17. You are welcome to visit and subscribe to my blog, a blog designed to spread the Word of God through Christian articles, songs, videos, photos, prayers and much more.

    You are welcome to visit my new blog and give your suggestions. Simply Life Tips is a site designed to inspire people to live a successful life full of meaning and happiness. It’s a place to discover unique strategies and get the motivation to live a happy and successful life.

  18. I’m Solaris and I write poetry, creative writing and things that generally interest me.This year I’m going to focus on love as my main theme for posts, such as self-love and romantic love. I’m also going to stress on mental health and overcoming depression and problems in my posts. I hope to be able to encourage others and give them inspiration. I’m going to start frequently posting this year too. Hopefully every two days or so! This is a link to my blog:

  19. My name is Dru and I started a community blog called Word is Flesh. At Word is Flesh, we share honest, real, experiences of our faith walk and how the Word is becoming flesh in our lives. We share testimonies, book reviews, scripture studies, and offer a bi-weekly community topic for anyone interested in getting their name out there.

  20. Hello! My name is Taylor and I started Soul Sparkle to provide encouragement and spread the love of Jesus! It is a place where all are welcome. I share some of my own struggles and talk about raw and real day to day things. It is a place for the broken. The message is unconditional love and undeserved grace.

  21. My name is Nate and my blog is called “Fractured and Reformed”. The blog aims to provide a Protestant Christian, Reformed and Pro-Life perspective on issues in theology and ethics. I am, as the blog subtitle suggests, especially interested in bioethical issues such as abortion, assisted suicide and eugenics, and offering a clear, logically consistent and compassionate pro-life response. All of this is meant to serve and glorify the God who made us in His image, defines what is good, and offers the truest joy and redemption.

    1. Ranique, I just checked out your blog. This is wonderful!! I read 3 of your posts and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I would recommend your blog to everyone in the blog world. What wonderful words of inspiration and encouragement. I was blessed today by what you wrote. God bless you! Sue

  22. Hello, I created a personal blog to document all the memories and thoughts, because at the end of the day these are just what will be left. I try to live each day so that I can share something sensible to inspire people.

    So if you have time, kindly visit or follow (if it’s not too much to ask). My blog is at

    Thank you! 💙

  23. Hi! I’m Sue. I have a second blog now. The purpose of this blog is mainly to write a book about the story of my life, my walk of faith, my failures, my marriage, and our failures and successes, etc. but for the purpose to help others who, like us, have gone through tough times, and have experienced abuse issues, morality issues, and marriage difficulties. It is honest, revealing, though not too detailed, but it also gives a message of hope and healing & some practical advice on what we can do to endure, to conquer, to survive and to be victorious. The blog title is “Walking Wounded.”

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