Request a Prayer

I believe in the One Sovereign God who is the creator and sustainer of everything in existence – of all that is seen, and unseen. God is omnipresent, and as such is in control of all activity in creation, both in the microcosm (such as the workings of the bodies and minds of creatures), and the macrocosm (including cosmic events, the weather, etc).

If you have a need in your life and would like me to pray to God on your behalf, simply leave a comment below with your request. If you feel uncomfortable going into details, just keep your request general, as God knows all the details even better than you or I anyway.

If you do want to convey a prayer request in detail, but privately, you are welcome to send me an email – The advantage of posting below, however, is that others may read your request and pray for you as well.

May you draw near to God and experience His love and mercy.

Feel free to comment below with your prayer request.


  1. I think this is a great idea…. what about something like a prayer chain or a prayer vigil… just thinking loudly.. I have always wanted to be of use for GOD… but I have never really been able to contribute in any way… other than being extremely greedy or GOD to fulfill my indulgences

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