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The Gift of Healing

Throughout history certain fortunate individuals have been blessed with the ability to heal. Jesus is the obvious example, along with other saints and prophets and holy people.

It seems to me that I may have been blessed with that kind of a spiritual gift. I am able to empathise with people’s suffering because, in a sense, I have been through what they’ve been through. When I meet with people who are suffering physical or emotional pain, sometimes the divine being makes those people whole and healthy again as I interact with them. This has happened on various occasions.

I am profoundly grateful if this perception is correct, and the divine being is indeed using me in this way.

I believe the divine being appreciates suffering very much, and I believe one of my purposes in this life time has been to suffer on behalf of other people. In the same way people pray to Jesus to end their suffering, it is possible that maybe one day people will reach out to the divine being through me, Steven, and beg for mercy.

Of course, all of this could be a mere figment of my imagination, or perhaps a symptom of psychosis? All that we can really do is wait and see what happens.

Do you believe in healing and miracles?

Steven Colborne

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Hello, I’m Steven and I’m a philosopher and author based in London. My main purpose as a writer is to encourage discussion about God. I write about a wide variety of subjects related to philosophical theology, including divine sovereignty, the nature of God, suffering, interfaith dialogue and more. My mantra: Truth heals.

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