Category: Panentheism

Swimming in God

Goldfish swimming

In this week’s Thursday Theology post I want to share with you a video that utilises an excellent metaphor for the omnipresence of God. Many of you will know that I am drawn to the view of God known as panentheism, which means that… Continue Reading “Swimming in God”

Hearing Voices or Hearing God?

A man praying in front of a dark wooden wall

Have you ever heard a Christian say, “God placed it on my heart” to do such and such? Let’s take a brief look at what a statement like this might mean, and what it says about the relationship between God and human beings.

What is a Soul?

A sculpture of a human head made with wire mesh

I’ve always found it interesting that Aristotle believed plants have souls. It’s difficult for me to imagine that there is some part of a plant that is immaterial. On the other hand, if plants don’t have souls, what is it that makes them grow… Continue Reading “What is a Soul?”

The Flexibility of God

A forest with two pathways, one leading left and one leading right

In my studies in recent years I’ve focused a great deal of energy and attention on trying to understand the nature of God. This is not a purely intellectual pursuit, as the way we see God has huge implications in terms of how we… Continue Reading “The Flexibility of God”

Creation and Creator

A picture of the cosmos with a planet in the foreground

I found this diagram really useful in depicting the different ways people see the relationship between God and the universe: In theism, God and the universe are separate, but God can intervene in creation. In deism, God and the universe are separate and distinct… Continue Reading “Creation and Creator”