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New Book Announcement

Woman reading book

Hi, friends. You may recall that I ran a blogging series entitled Praise and Prose which looked at the language we use and how we might change certain aspects of our conversations in order to better appreciate and honour God. Today I just wanted… Continue Reading “New Book Announcement”

Introducing my Book: God’s Grand Game

The new atheism movement has highlighted many of the theological problems related to Christianity and other religions, and as we move into a ‘post-truth’ age, many people are wondering whether there is still a place for God in society. Has science consigned God to… Continue Reading “Introducing my Book: God’s Grand Game”

Introducing my Book: Big Ideas from Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Temple

Ancient Greece is widely regarded as the birthplace of Western philosophy. Many of the ideas expounded by the philosophers of that day went on to shape modern scientific and philosophical thought — everything from atomic theory to speculations about the afterlife.

‘Misquoting Jesus’ by Bart Ehrman (book review)

Bart Ehrman

I’m excited to write and publish this review of Misquoting Jesus, firstly because it is a fascinating book, and secondly because I believe I have some important responses to the book to bring to the table.

Introducing my Book: Thanks Be To God

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Jesus Christ is described in the Bible as the Prince of Peace, and the Christian Gospel has provided hope and meaning to spiritual seekers for two thousand years. The teachings of Jesus are arguably more important today than ever before.