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‘The Courage to be Disliked’ by Kishimi and Koga (book review)

A black and white photo of Alfred Adler

My mental health journey, which has involved several spells in psychiatric hospital and a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder, has left me very interested in the field of psychology. I have tried many different approaches to counselling, including group and individual cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic… Continue Reading “‘The Courage to be Disliked’ by Kishimi and Koga (book review)”

‘Confessions of a Philosopher’ by Bryan Magee (book review)

Philosopher Bryan Magee in a suit

Bryan Magee is probably my favourite philosopher, if not of all time then certainly of those who have lived and worked during my lifetime. The book I’m reviewing here is Magee’s autobiography, and was first published in 1997, though he has gone on to… Continue Reading “‘Confessions of a Philosopher’ by Bryan Magee (book review)”

What is Causing our Thoughts?

A man stood in front of a blackboard with thought bubbles coming out of his head

Let us examine closely what thought is, and let us try to decipher what it is that causes thoughts to arise in our minds.

Encountering a Cult

A woman in a forest with light emanating from here finger

George’s memorial service drew to a close and an old school friend, Chris Jenkins, offered me a lift back to the home of George’s family for the reception. Twenty minutes or so later we pulled up and parked a couple of streets along from… Continue Reading “Encountering a Cult”

The Cosmic Animator

A shot of the universe with Earth in the foreground

Wherever there is activity in the universe, there must be a power that is causing that activity. Even scientists, who are very successful in describing how things happen, generally agree they cannot say why things happen. This is because there is an all-powerful cause… Continue Reading “The Cosmic Animator”