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A Reflection on Christian Prayer

A man's hands clasped in prayer resting upon an open Bible

I spent many years as a practicing Christian, and there are still certain modes of mind that I experience that have been strongly influenced by the Bible and by the behaviour of Christians. For instance, many times every day I feel the urge to… Continue Reading “A Reflection on Christian Prayer”

What is Occam’s Razor?

Ruins of a medieval church on a sunny day

Welcome to another instalment of Friday Philosophy. In this week’s post I’ll present a snapshot of the English friar and theologian William of Ockham. We’ll look his most famous idea, known as Occam’s razor, and I’ll offer a few reflections on the man and… Continue Reading “What is Occam’s Razor?”

Living in Psychiatric Hospital

This hospital is effectively my home. I eat here, sleep here, wash here, brush my teeth here – these are the kinds of things that define our home, are they not? Oh, and of course there is the yang of the situation, which is… Continue Reading “Living in Psychiatric Hospital”