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Eternal Conscious Torment?

Church and Graveyard on a cloudy day

Greetings, friends. This article is an update on my theological explorations, and my attempt to fully understand whether I can reconcile my belief in God’s sovereign control over the unfolding of all events with the Christian gospel. When Christians discuss the doctrine of hell,… Continue Reading “Eternal Conscious Torment?”

Double Predestination

Open Bible

In the early hours of this morning, I picked up a Bible for the first time in a while and read through the book of Revelation. I suspected before I began reading that I would be drawn back into the Christian worldview, as the… Continue Reading “Double Predestination”

The Aseity of God (video)

A photo of a star emitting light into the cosmos

Hi everyone! It’s great to be back with the latest instalment in my Deep Thoughts About God video series. We’re now on the eighth video in the series, would you believe. I hope you’ve been enjoying these videos. Today, we’re looking at the concept… Continue Reading “The Aseity of God (video)”

Free Will and Romans 9

A man wearing a shirt reads an open Bible

In this post I’ll be looking at a passage of scripture from the book of Romans and offering some brief reflections on how this passage relates to the problem of God’s sovereignty versus human free will. By the end of the article you’ll see… Continue Reading “Free Will and Romans 9”

The Aseity of God

A tree in the foreground with a planet and starry night sky in the background

My greatest fascination in this life is with the area of theology known as ‘divine ontology’ — the nature of God’s being. I actually feel quite excited whenever I direct my attention towards this subject area and ponder the immensity of the universe and… Continue Reading “The Aseity of God”