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God and Judgement

A close-up of a man's handcuffed arms

Welcome to the latest post in my Praise and Prose series, which explores the way in which we use language – particularly in matters of faith and spirituality – and how our language might evolve to better reflect reality. One should never argue against… Continue Reading “God and Judgement”

Humane Prisons

Hi friends. I’ve spent quite a lot of time on YouTube over the last few days, as I signed up for a free trial of YouTube Premium. This means no ads and a considerably better viewing experience. While using YouTube without ads has been… Continue Reading “Humane Prisons”

Must I Love My Enemies?

Man with his head in his hands

Envisage this scenario: You’re a Christian and your next-door neighbour is keeping you awake playing oppressively loud music in the middle of the night every night despite your repeated attempts to ask him to let you sleep. You also hear him being abusive towards… Continue Reading “Must I Love My Enemies?”

Is it Really Worth it?

A lady holding scales on the left and a globe on the right

I wanted to write a short blog post about fighting battles. When life presents you with a circumstance where you feel you are being treated unfairly, is it wise to put up a fight, or is it better to absorb the frustration, let go,… Continue Reading “Is it Really Worth it?”

Compassionate Justice

A wooden gavel with a Bible in the background

An important question for philosophers in contemporary society is “How should societies respond to criminal behaviour?” I do not believe we have free will.  Instead I believe that all events, including the actions of every individual, are under the direct control of God.  So… Continue Reading “Compassionate Justice”