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Interview | David Robertson

A traditional Chinese building

Greetings all! Once in a while I’m going to be interviewing people who have inspired me, either in the blogosphere or in the world at large. This is not something I’ve done before, but I’m delighted to kick things off with one of my… Continue Reading “Interview | David Robertson”

What Are God’s Attributes? (video)

An empty church with stained glass windows

Greetings from London! I hope you’ve been enjoying my Deep Thoughts About God video series so far. Today I’m returning with the third instalment in the series, in which I describe God’s attributes (as far as I feel able to speak about them) and… Continue Reading “What Are God’s Attributes? (video)”


A person sat cross-legged in a yoga position on a beach

Many Indian religious traditions, including Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism, have the idea of karma as one of their core beliefs. Although there are nuances and variations in the way karma is perceived between these different religions, the key ideas about karma are common to… Continue Reading “Karma”