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Everyday Mysteries

Two hands linking fingers with friendship bracelets around their wrists

True philosophy is about a fascination with all that is mysterious in life. That’s why I have studied, and continue to study, philosophy; because I find it ceaselessly intriguing thinking about why we are here, what reality is, why we suffer, the nature of… Continue Reading “Everyday Mysteries”

Encountering a Cult

A woman in a forest with light emanating from here finger

George’s memorial service drew to a close and an old school friend, Chris Jenkins, offered me a lift back to the home of George’s family for the reception. Twenty minutes or so later we pulled up and parked a couple of streets along from… Continue Reading “Encountering a Cult”

Autogenic Training

A pyramid of stones and pebbles balancing on one another

I recently rediscovered Autogenic Training, which is an effective technique for reducing stress and anxiety and the onset of panic attacks. ┬áIt is a simple technique but works really well to restore the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous… Continue Reading “Autogenic Training”

There is no Enlightenment

A person meditating on a patch of grass by a waterfall

Many people throughout the world are on an earnest search for spiritual enlightenment. I myself spent many years obsessed with the idea that I might somehow become enlightened. I now believe the whole idea is a hoax, and I will try to explain why.… Continue Reading “There is no Enlightenment”

Shaking with Ratu

A tattooed man with his hands to his face

On my hands and knees, leaning over a small plastic bucket, I am vomiting violently. The blare of fast-paced music and the wailing and yelping of those shaking their bodies behind me provide the soundtrack to my convulsions. I am desperate that the double… Continue Reading “Shaking with Ratu”