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Compulsory Counselling Before Marriage and Civil Partnerships

Couple holding hands

I come from a family which was broken in many ways. My parents had a turbulent relationship and separated, and there were many undercurrents of fear and anger in their relationship which were not openly discussed and dealt with properly. Ever since I attended… Continue Reading “Compulsory Counselling Before Marriage and Civil Partnerships”

Is Meditation Good For You?

A woman sat by a lake in a meditative position

Meditation has been a huge part of my spiritual journey. I have been on various meditation retreats and spent long periods practising mindfulness (even before it was cool!) and focusing on what is often referred to as ‘living in the now’. But is any… Continue Reading “Is Meditation Good For You?”

Counselling and Faith

A man crouched down on a mountain top overlooking a bed of clouds

As many of you know I have been through a rather “turbulent” mental health journey over the last decade. I’m actually doing pretty well at the moment and next month will mark three and half years since I was last in hospital. This has… Continue Reading “Counselling and Faith”