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A New Season on Perfect Chaos

A man holding a coffee and typing on a MacBook with his other hand.

There are two reasons for this post. Firstly, as a new month (and the last quarter of the year) begins, I wanted to give you an update regarding my plans for this blog moving forward. Secondly, I wanted to make some comments on recent… Continue Reading “A New Season on Perfect Chaos”

The Creativity of God

A lot of different sized paintbrushes in a pot

Have you noticed how the very same piece of music can have different meanings at different times? Let’s think about a hypothetical song and call it ‘N’. When you first heard N it didn’t really strike you, but after a couple of listens it… Continue Reading “The Creativity of God”

Who Am I? 10 Fun Facts

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Who’s the man behind the blog? In this post, I share 10 bite-sized insights into my life, my background, and my passions. Enjoy!