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Ice Cream Dilemma Poll Results

A hand holding a cone with raspberry ice cream

Hi everyone! You may remember that last Wednesday I ran a poll asking readers to vote in relation to a fabricated scenario involving ice cream. In case you missed it, this was the scenario: It’s been a hard day at work and I’m feeling… Continue Reading “Ice Cream Dilemma Poll Results”

The Ice Cream Dilemma (poll)

Woman holding a tub of ice cream

My last few posts have been rather heavy in terms of the subject matter, so today I thought I’d lighten the mood a little with a hopefully thought-provoking poll. Here’s a real life scenario: It’s been a hard day at work and I’m feeling… Continue Reading “The Ice Cream Dilemma (poll)”

Humane Prisons

Hi friends. I’ve spent quite a lot of time on YouTube over the last few days, as I signed up for a free trial of YouTube Premium. This means no ads and a considerably better viewing experience. While using YouTube without ads has been… Continue Reading “Humane Prisons”

On Good and Evil

A large library with a staircase in the centre

I believe that God, being boundless, pervades the entirety of creation and animates all action, including human action, the movement of our bodies’ cells, the movement of planets, and all other activity both in the microcosm and the macrocosm. Some obvious questions arise when one… Continue Reading “On Good and Evil”

Christian Morality and AI

A man in bed with a robot

The world in which we live today is so different in many ways to the world that the authors of the Christian Scriptures inhabited. This being so, Christians must continually reinterpret the moral lessons of the Bible so that we can heed their guidance… Continue Reading “Christian Morality and AI”