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Describing God

I’ve been thinking a lot about ways of describing God recently. I think it’s a really useful spiritual exercise to try to put our understanding of the being of God into words, and that is exactly what I will try to do in this… Continue Reading “Describing God”

God is the Cause of Both ‘Evil’ and ‘Sin’

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For today’s post in my Praise and Prose series, I’d like to discuss how our use of language might change in order to reflect the truth that God is in control of everything that happens which Christians (and people of other faiths) describe as… Continue Reading “God is the Cause of Both ‘Evil’ and ‘Sin’”

Ownership and the Fear-Based State

Today’s post is another instalment in my Praise and Prose series, which looks at how the language we use ā€” particularly in matters of faith and spirituality ā€” might evolve in order to better reflect reality. A person may spend 40 years working hard… Continue Reading “Ownership and the Fear-Based State”

Is Christianity True?

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For the purposes of this article, I take for granted a belief in the perspective of monotheism. Arguments for the existence of God are not the focus of this article, but I have discussed this matter extensively elsewhere on this blog and in my… Continue Reading “Is Christianity True?”

Being Estranged from God

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Hello, friends. Today, Iā€™d like to offer up another contribution to my Praise and Prose series, which looks at the way we use language when discussing matters of faith and spirituality, and how that language could change in order to be more true to… Continue Reading “Being Estranged from God”