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Did You Notice?

Our friends at WordPress have made some significant changes to the Reader. They’ve removed like, comment, share, and subscribe buttons from the main Reader feeds — you now only see these buttons when you click through to read an article.

I think this is an excellent thing. It will encourage less judging of an article based on the number of interactions it’s had and will encourage people to explore content more deeply rather than making snap decisions. It will also discourage mass liking (to coin a phrase) which is an aggressive promotional strategy which we’re no doubt better off without.

What do you think of the update? Do you agree it’s a good thing?

3 responses to “Did You Notice?”

  1. They must have only done that on the WP app? Because since being forced to switch to the Jetpack app, I see it’s (mostly) the exact same as WP, but more advertising opportunities, so-called. But the reader in Jetpack looks the same.

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    1. I noticed it on the web version as now I’m out of hospital I’m using my laptop to compose posts! Yeah I think it’s just the web version.

      It’s frustrating that everything is the whole world seems to be about advertising and marketing! We humans are awful.

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      1. When I say web I actually mean desktop. Computers. Am I right in thinking the Jetpack app is only mobile? There’s not a desktop version, right?


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