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Philosophy in Politics

Old books in a line

Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post! Today we move from Greece to Rome and look at the work of Marcus Tullius Cicero, who lived from 106-43 BC, only decades before the birth of Jesus.

Tony the Alcoholic (a case study)

A man collapsed over a table with an empty bottle in his hand

Consider this scenario, if you will. An alcoholic is in court owing to a drunken rampage he went on where he threw a dustbin into the window of a local store, smashing the window and injuring a young lady who was restocking the shelves… Continue Reading “Tony the Alcoholic (a case study)”

Do You Trust the Pharmaceutical Industry?

A selection af colourful pills

There was an interesting article in yesterday’s Guardian about the medical system in France.  Two doctors have spoken out saying that half of all medicines prescribed in France are either useless or potentially dangerous. Professor Philippe Even, one of the doctors, said:  “The pharmaceutical… Continue Reading “Do You Trust the Pharmaceutical Industry?”

Compassionate Justice

A wooden gavel with a Bible in the background

An important question for philosophers in contemporary society is “How should societies respond to criminal behaviour?” I do not believe we have free will.  Instead I believe that all events, including the actions of every individual, are under the direct control of God.  So… Continue Reading “Compassionate Justice”